Track Selections

Center Open Track

Motor is hidden behind the curtain. The curtain track is symmetrically designed that the Motor can be inserted at either end of the track

One Way Pull Track

The curtain track is symmetrically designed that it can be either Left Stacking or Right Stacking. Simply turn around the track 180 degree to switch the stacking position

How to measure the track size

The Track Size should be 1″ less than the total width between walls as 1/2″ leeway on both ends for comfortable mounting.

The 1/2″ on both ends will be covered once the curtain is put up on the track.

Mounting Bracket Selection

Ceiling Bracket

Wall Bracket

Single-Track Wall Bracket

Dual-Track Wall Bracket

Side View

The minimum width required only if the track (s) is mounted within a frame, curtain box or pocket.

  40mm = 1 5/8”

  50mm = 2”

  70mm = 2 ¾”

  80mm = 3 ¼”

100mm = 4”

180mm = 7 1/2″

Stacking Calculation – For Reference Only

Motor = 4”
Eyelet = 9/16”
Master Carrier = 4”

Stacking Area = Motor + (# of Eyelets x 9/16) + Master Carrier
                          = 4” + (# of Eyelets x 9/16) + 4”

As industry standard, there will be 1 eyelet every 4″.

For 10 feet track, there will be (10 x 12) / 4 = 30pcs eyelets.

For One Way Pull track,  4 + (30 x 9/16) + 4 = 25″ stacking.

For Center Open track,   4 + (15 x 9/16) + 4 = 17″ stacking each side.


Note: In case the curtain is pleated, or fabric is thick, or spacing between hooks on the curtain is less than 4″, stacking area will increase. Please consult with the curtain maker for verification.

Ripple Fold Track

Ripple Fold Snap Belt

Note: The Curtain must be custom made with the Ripple Fold Snap Belt we provide to be sewed onto the curtain for attaching to the Ripple Fold Runners of the Track.

Ripple Fold Runners

Spacing between runners has choices of 60mm, 70mm and 80mm represents fullness of 108%,78% and 56%.

Ripple Fold Track (One Way Pull)

Ripple Fold Track (Center Open)


Measuring a Standard and Regular Curve

– If the curve is irregular, please provide a template.

– If the curve is regular, please read the below instructions:

Please specify if the measurements are done on the wall edge of the Ceiling (or of the Floor) representing the curve. (Or you can provide the measurements on the spot where the track is mounted.)

1.  Mark A, B in the curve averagely

2. Provide measurements DA, DB, DC, CA, CB

3. Are the measurements done on the Floor or the Wall? (we will adjust the track size as it will be mounted 1.5” away)

Or if measurements are done on the spot where exactly the track is mounted? (Track will be produced exactly as the measurement)

4. Is the Motor/power at D or C position?

– For other standard curves, please provide measurements as follow:

R=Return measurement (distance from the wall to front of drapery track as shown in red) Note: Track width is 1 1/4″

Please provide information :     

Style=______           R=______

A=______                             Degree of bend:

B=______                             AB______

C=______                             BC______

D=______                             CD______

E=______                             DE______



Single Track

Minimum width needed for mounting 90 degree curve single track

         – Radius = 300mm (12”)

         – Mounting area at the curve = 200mm (8”)

Dual Track

The minimum width required only if the dual tracks are mounted within a curtain box or drop ceiling.

      40mm = 1 5/8”

    134mm = 5 ½”

  R300mm = 12”

  R386mm = 15 ½”